NPLC Fee Collection Guide

NPLC Handbook

The National Placement Law Center Fee Collection Guide (with Case Citations GETS YOU PAID!  It contains every technique imaginable to collect your well-earned fees, along with official citations and Jeff' Allen's summary of every placement fee collection case ever decided in the United States.  This incredible work is designed for you or your lawyer to dramatically increase the leverage you lose once a contingency-fee placement is made.  Unless you're in business as a volunteer to lower the jobless rate, this beautifully-bound book is essential.  It's our best seller because it GETS YOU PAID!

$125.00, Hardcover. 42 Chapters, 293 pages


Table of Contents

  1. Questions and Answers about Fee Collecting
  2. How to Understand Legal Citations
  3. How You Can Legally Bind Employers to Offers (and to Fees)
  4. Feephobia: Behavioral Modification to Get You Paid
  5. Reading Your Fee Schedule as a Contract
  6. Collecting Before the Candidate Starts
  7. Exclusive Assignments: Collecting Without Placing
  8. Collecting a Fee for an Unsolicited Resume
  9. Sendout to "A", Hire By "B": Intercepting the Forward Pass
  10. How Your Fee Schedule Endears You to Employers
  11. The Fine Art of Fee Negotiation
  12. How to Stop Turning Fee Negotiation into Fee Reduction
  13. The Instant Fall-Off: Getting Paid
  14. Power Placement Payment Plays After 31 Days
  15. Honoring Guarantees While Collecting Fees
  16. Payment of Less Than the Full Fee: Should You Cash the Check?
  17. How to Deputize Your Candidate to Collect Your Fee
  18. Collecting Collectibles: Placements in the Basement
  19. Getting Fees With Ease Without Attorneys
  20. How to Get Paid in Spite of the Law
  21. Indemnification: A Little-Known Collection Device
  1. Setting Up the Case for Collection
  2. But For, But If, What Then?
  3. The "Substantial Cause" Test
  4. A Simplified Legal Theory to Win Fee Collection Cases
  5. When You Can't Prove a Contract: Other Legal Theories to Get You Paid
  6. Conversion Fees: Confusion, Collusion and Conspiracy
  7. What Consultants Ask about Depositions
  8. How to Be a Star Witness in Fee Collection Cases
  9. Passing the Testimony Test in Court
  10. Truth, Timing and Turncoats at the Trial
  11. Things Every Consultant Should Know to Budge a Judge
  12. Eliminating the Most Popular Fee Collection Defenses
  13. Arbitration as a Litigation Alternative
  14. Choosing, Using and Enthusing a Collection Agency
  15. Receiving Your Fee in Bankruptcy
  16. The Top 40 Fee Disappearing Tricks
  17. Recruit a Lawyer — For Yourself
  18. How We Decide Whether to Accept Your Collection Case
  19. How to Get Your Lawyer to Listen
  20. Which is the Best Forum for Your Feefight?
  21. Reported Fee Collection Cases (with Official Citations)


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